[Qgis-developer] plans to integrate terrain analysis tools? (was: Fwd: gdaldem plugin versus raster terrain modelling plugin)

Albin Blaschka albin.blaschka at standortsanalyse.net
Fri May 4 01:57:16 PDT 2012

Am 04.05.2012 10:26, schrieb maning sambale:
> Dear devs,
> What are the immediate plans to integrate terrain/dem tools?
> Currently we have several terrain tools available (Raster Terrain
> Modelling plugin, GdalTools, GRASS, Sextante).
> I am currently preparing a howto on terrain analysis for newbies and I
> am evaluating which of the above plugin to introduce.  Perhaps if
> there are plans to integrate, I might as well introduce them to the
> plugin the will eventually "survive" the integration.


Just an idea, which came to my mind...

Mhmm, maybe, now with sextante, it would also be good to consider the 
"old" idea of the "ecological toolbox 
(http://hub.qgis.org/wiki/quantum-gis/Ecology_Tools): I had not the time 
and possibility to look at the sextante plugin yet, but I think from 
what I have read, this would be a good basis for implementing such a 
ecological toolbox...

On the page quoted above, there are some questions (just paraphrased here):

- Identify the most common operations and algorithms
- Find a comfortable way to distribute it (customised QGIS? toolbox? 
separated plugins? library?)

I think the second one could be answered with "sextante"...
As I am no developer, just a user, please correct me if I am 
wrong...maybe somebody else had this idea already and/or is it just 
plain obvious...

just some thoughts...


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