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El , Victor Olaya <volayaf at gmail.com> escribió:
> >

> >> What should be the benefit of multithreading here? To run algorithms

> >> outside from main thread so that GUI does not get blocked?

> >

> > IMHO this is the main reason; I think the way GDALTools work is fine  
> for the user.

> > All the best.

> I agree with Paolo. That is the main reason. Executing several

> algorithms at the same tiem means more complexity not only because all

> the reasons mentioned before, but also in the design of SEXTANTE,

> since the result of one algorithm might modify the inputs available

> for a different one, and tracking all that can be hard as well.

> Of course, this could be done in the future, but for now, an within

> GSoC, if we get to run algorihtms in a separate thread robustly and

> they do not block the GUI I will be more than happy.

Yes, that would be the main goal, and is, I think, relatively simple to  
implement: Main thread handles GUI stuff, this newly introduced thread  
handles the algorithm.

One thing that is missing is the ability for the algorithms themselves to  
signal changes (percentages, text feedback, failure, etc), that is, from  
Should the progress objects be repurposed for this?

Thanks for your comments,

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