[Qgis-developer] Fix for bug #4521 and possible improvements

Victor Axbom victor.axbom at gmail.com
Fri May 25 04:07:12 PDT 2012

Hi List!

I have submitted a patch to fix the bug which related to the map tip
function. It would be great if someone could review it and get it into
master before 1.8. This is my first attemp to contribute to the qgis
project so I might have missed something regarding the coding
conventions or some other part, but hopefully not. I also have a patch
with some, IMO, improvements on the map tips. I think it would be
useful to not only be able to see just one field (the display field),
but to see all of the attributes and values of a feature in the map
tip. This should be a choice and the prefered method should be set in
the settings. See attached screenshots. Is there any interest in
submitting this into master after 1.8 is out?



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