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You need to install "Make for Windows",
http://gnuwin32.sourceforge.net/packages/make.htm.  Once "Make for Windows"
is installed, you will be able to use the make file by opening the command
line, navigate to your plugin folder and then issue the make command.  There
is a very good tutorial at
http://www.qgisworkshop.org/html/workshop/index.html, although the tutorial
is using a Linux virtual machine.  If you are considering developing GUI you
may also want to install PyQt at





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Hi all

I'm writing because of a problem I'm facing regarding quantumgis plugin
First of all, I'm working on windows 7.
Followed the instruction on the link


More precisely on the bottom of the page:

Remark: Configuring Your IDE on Windows

Installed quantumgis using the OsGeo4w release, pyscripter and the plugin

After running the plugin builder, an image shows up telling us what to do.

The problem is that i don't even have a clue on what this means.

Compile the ui file using pyuic4

Compile the resources file using pyrcc4 

Sorry for my ignorance but I'm trying to initiate my self on quantumgis
python development and I'm completely stuck here.

Thanks in advance


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