[Qgis-developer] Mac OS X - QGIS 1.8 and QGIS nightly builds - cursor keys not working in "Open Attribute Table Grid"

Noli Sicad nsicad at gmail.com
Fri Nov 9 19:14:53 PST 2012


I have not been using QGIS lately, but 2 days ago, I started to use
again trying to do some thematic mapping from my Mixed Integer
Programming (MIP) model so the result can be viewed spatially.

I noticed that I can not use the cursor keys to move back and forth,
left to right of the Attribute Table Grid in QGIS 1.8.0. I also
download the latest QGIS nightly build and I also encountered the same
problem (i.e. cursor keys not working in the Grid). However, in
Properties -> Fields, the up and down cursor keys are working.

Anybody has the same experience with the cursor keys in "Attribute
Table Grid" in Mac OS X (10.8)?

I am using the Macbookpro retina (the classic model - entry level - i7 2.3 Ghz).

What is the difference between the 'Atttibute Table Grid" and the
"Field Grid" in Properties?

I think something wrong with the "Attribute Table Grid" codes or
component in Mac OS X, if there is no problem in Windows 7 and Linux.

(I am not using Windows 7 and Linux for QGIS 1.8.0 and above).



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