[Qgis-developer] Server features

Andreas Neumann a.neumann at carto.net
Wed Nov 14 10:18:53 PST 2012


Am 14.11.2012 19:13, schrieb kimaidou:
> Hi all
> Some ideas :
> * templates for HTML popups (already done this in Lizmap, but why not
> having it in Qgis)

You can use HTML for the maptips in QGIS trunk. With the expression
builder you can write any HTML you want from various different
attributes. It would have to be exposed in QGIS server as well.

> * tile generator : I agree with Giovanni Allegri, beginning with a mbtiles
> generator from a layer/a group in Qgis would be a first step, as Tim
> suggested in Lyon hackfest. But why not having the powerfull mapcache being
> able to read QGIS projects as well.

no idea about that - I don't use tiles.

> * WPS : we could also expose some QGIS method to provide WPS. In the
> beginning, simple things as buffer, etc. (based on new QgsExpressions
> capabilities : geometry and python/C defined functions), and later (more
> manpower needed), it could be great to have Sextante internal methodes
> totally decoupled from gui, so that QGIS Server can use Sextante for WPS

Would be cool - but not sure if I'd have too many applications for that.
Maybe our customers ... or maybe a future QGIS web client.


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