[Qgis-developer] getting to valmiera on your own

Raymond Nijssen r.nijssen at terglobo.nl
Tue Apr 9 14:02:38 PDT 2013

Hi all who likes to get at the hackfest in Valmiera this week.

After spending some days in Latvia and having used the public transport 
I found out that it's not too hard too hard get in Valmiera on your own. 
That's cool since the "A car lift would be appreciated" is probably not 
going to work for you...

 From the airport you take the "Airport Express Bus" for 3 LAT and get 
off at the Central Station in Riga. You can also take a taxi which I 
paid 9 LAT for.

At the station you can take a direct train to Valmiera which takes about 
2.5 hours and goes 4 times a day.

662Р 1234567 Diesel-engine train O 06:32 09:00 Riga-Pasazieru → Valga
664Р 1234567 Diesel-engine train O 13:10 15:39 Riga-Pasazieru → Valga
668Р 1234567 Diesel-engine train O 18:14 20:35 Riga-Pasazieru → Valga
656Р 1234567 Diesel-engine train O 21:02 23:34 Riga-Pasazieru → Valmiera

There are also buses going, but I didn't try those:

Good luck,

Ampèrestraat 110
5223 CT 's-Hertogenbosch

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