[Qgis-developer] SIP API Update merged. Attention plugin authors

Nathan Woodrow madmanwoo at gmail.com
Sat Jun 8 04:35:07 PDT 2013

Hey all,

The new SIP API has been merged now.  There are still a few things to clean
up in some of the core plugins but it is merged for wider testing.   I
don't expect to find any major issues.

I have written a conversion guide here:

Plugin authors could you take some time to update you plugins so they will
be ready for 2.0 once it is released _however_ please don't upload the new
2.0 version of your new plugin to the QGIS plugin repo until I give you the
go ahead as we need to do a update on the server so that 1.8 will not get
the 2.0 plugins because they will not run in 1.8.

I would recommend creating a branch in git with your new 2.0 version and be
ready to upload it when I give the go ahead.

Note: 1.8 plugins will not run in 2.0 without being updated to the new API
syntax. 2.0 plugins will not work in 1.8.

Users who live on the edge by running the dev build please just bare with
us while we get this sorted out, shouldn't take too long.

Email me if you have any issue.

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