[Qgis-developer] EasyCustomLabeling ported to QGIS 2.0

Chris Crook ccrook at linz.govt.nz
Sat Feb 1 17:34:35 PST 2014

I've updated the MemoryLayerSaver plugin to fix this.  Basically the problem comes from (I believe) the SIP wrapping around QgsFeature attributes.  So for a feature feat with a field 'f',

print type(value)

prints PyQtNullVariant.  The same result (expected in this case) if the first line is feat.f=NULL.

I've got around this in the MemoryLayerSaver by not setting the value at all if the required value is None.  This works as when a feature is created all the attributes are None - they just can't be set to that value as far as I can see (through the python API that is..)

From: Régis Haubourg [regis.haubourg at eau-adour-garonne.fr]
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Subject: Re: [Qgis-developer] EasyCustomLabeling ported to QGIS 2.0

Just a followup, when restoring a memory layer thanks to memory layer saver,
we got QpyNullVariant objects, when we had NoneType object on memory layer's
creation. Updating the values to None restore the unpinned labels. Just use

 layer.changeAttributeValue(myFeatureId, myfieldId, None)

I will try to patch memory Layers Saver for this, since I assume some other
side effects with memory layers are expectable


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