[Qgis-developer] [Qgis-community-team] translation: breaking ts file up in parts for transifex ?

Bo Victor Thomsen bo.victor.thomsen at gmail.com
Sun Feb 16 11:42:29 PST 2014

Why don't you ask the translators ?

As the main translator for QGIS 2.2 Danish, I would give this a -1 until 
convinced otherwise:

  * My current work-flow "just works" by having the source-tree for QGIS
    - including the Danish ts file - on my computer. This is a absolute
    _must_ because the Danish translated strings are mostly longer than
    the original English strings. I have to check the Danish strings in
    the QT based dialogues using the QT linguist program for a large
    percentage of the strings.
  * Moving it to Transifex and splitting it in several parts would just
    complicate my work-flow without any benefits.
  * I suspect that the different translation teams is often the size of
    one person for a version release - removing the benefit of crowd

Bo Victor Thomsen

Den 16-02-2014 17:29, Alexandre Neto skrev:
> Hello all,
> Here goes my 50 cents.
> I believe that using transifex will bring more translators, as it's 
> definitely more straightforward to just register, login and start 
> translating, than having to mess with download files from git, and 
> push them back to the repository. In transiflex, if we could share the 
> glossaries between Documentation, Web and GUI it would also add 
> consistency to certain translated strings.
> But... not being able to preview the GUI dialogs while translating, 
> makes it difficult to safely translate certain strings that in English 
> can have several meanings, but that in other languages (my experience 
> is with Portuguese) must be more explicit. In the website and 
> documentations this is less troubling since generally strings are in 
> some context.
> This means that at least some of the translators will have to keep 
> downloading the files and edit them using QtLinguist to ensure the 
> quality of translation.
> Alexandre Neto
> On Sun, Feb 16, 2014 at 1:55 PM, Alexander Bruy 
> <alexander.bruy at gmail.com <mailto:alexander.bruy at gmail.com>> wrote:
>     Hi Richard,
>     2014-02-16 14:27 GMT+02:00 Richard Duivenvoorde <richard at duif.net
>     <mailto:richard at duif.net>>:
>     > For Documentation and Website, nobody should get .po files from
>     Github.
>     > If Application would come in Transifex, the same rule: you
>     should NOT go
>     > to Github and get it from there.
>     This is bad approach for application IHMO (well, actually I think
>     this is bad
>     approach at all :-) ). Now I can update .ts file and translation
>     in any time,
>     so translation will always about 100%. If we will use same
>     workflow as used
>     for Documentation and Website then I'll have lot of untranslated
>     string before
>     release.
>     > At Transifex, you can get the .ts file from their website (and
>     thereby
>     > locking the translation from the website for one day if you want).
>     > You can then use Linguist to offline translate the ts file (you
>     got from
>     > transifex). After Linguist-translating you can upload that .ts
>     file back
>     > to transfex and it will be merged there.
>     Yes I know about this and this is way I worked: download .po files
>     from
>     Transifex, translate them using Qt Linguist and upload them back after
>     translation.
>     > Your second point: yes, you are right. You do not have the old
>     string
>     > stuff, in Linguist then. But Transifex is getting better and
>     better, and
>     > for example if we translate via transifex itself now, you get
>     > Suggestions and History too. But we win and loose some
>     > functionality/options.
>     Uhmm, this is a matter of taste. I just logged into my Transifex
>     account
>     to test file you mentioned and I found that I completely loose in new
>     Transifex interface. I spend about 10 minutes to find how I can now
>     download file.
>     Also translating via Transifex requires internet connection.
>     Unfortunately,
>     stable connections available not everywhere. For example here internet
>     sometimes become very slow and unstable. I already loosed translations
>     for two relatively large sections because of internet failures
>     when translating
>     via Transifex.
>     --
>     Alexander Bruy
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