[Qgis-developer] Requesting bug fix extension through weekend

Jürgen E. Fischer jef at norbit.de
Thu Feb 20 10:37:10 PST 2014

Hi Larry,

On Thu, 20. Feb 2014 at 09:45:42 -0700, Larry Shaffer wrote:
> I'm definitely in favor of a set release schedule. Though I've missed much of
> the 2.1 development cycle, I feel an obligation to finish fixing some of the
> more serious labeling bugs. Towards this goal, I'd like to work through
> Sunday on those issues, if it is OK to do so.

If we release last minute on Friday - and I should really have set a exact time
and zone beforehand - at say Anchorage time, we still have about 1 day,
14hrs[1] to work on 2.1 before it is branch 2.2.

Although that will be 10am on Saturday for me - so at least 10hrs of precious
packaging time gone ;)

But to quote Tim: "We're not going anywhere".  There will still be bugs in QGIS
2.3 to work on after the release.  And I trust that you're not going to stop
bug fixing just because the fixes don't make it into 2.2.

Of course that's a bit odd and it's an relative arbitrarily set date (and time
and zone) - but I'd still like to keep it.

> With the new local unit test server classes, I feel pretty confident now that
> any unit tests I make, to ensure the labeling bugs are fixed, should be valid
> across all outputs. But, I have now run out of time.

Good job.  Although we now need lighttp and spawn-cgi now, don't we?  I saw
something in the cdash logs.  Probably something I need to add to osgeo4w.

> If I could work from now through Sunday, it would be very productive towards
> labeling fixes for this release. If not, I understand and will do what I can
> today and tomorrow to wrap things up and commit what's working.  I will
> endeavor to avoid such extension requests in the future.

So we need to coordinate that I don't branch between two of your possibly
dependant last minute commits?  The interruption by branching should be short.


[1] http://www.timeanddate.com/countdown/generic?iso=20140221T235900&p0=18&msg=QGIS+2.2+Release

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