[Qgis-developer] When is 2.2 really due?

Andreas Neumann a.neumann at carto.net
Fri Feb 21 07:30:45 PST 2014

Hi Jürgen,

Thanks for the clarification.

Maybe in the future we could also test binary packages before we
"officially" release QGIS. After all this is what people use out their.
If packages are broken (even if QGIS from source is fine) this will be
bad for QGIS reputation. 95% of the QGIS users will judge QGIS after the
quality of the package they install. They would not install from source.

I guess any company with a "product" would do that. I know, we are a
project and not a company, but I think from a QA perspective we should
really also test packages before releasing stuff. At least for the most
common OS, like Win64, latest OSX, latest Ubuntu/Debian.

Anyway - thanks for all the work to all the devs and to you as release


Am 21.02.2014 15:17, schrieb Jürgen E. Fischer:
> Hi Andreas,
> On Fri, 21. Feb 2014 at 12:17:23 +0000, Andreas Neumann wrote:
>> Maybe I did not follow all discussion. But I see people posting tweets and
>> blogs everywhere that QGIS 2.2 will be available in 24h or something similar.
>> Is this really true? Don't we require a couple of days for packaging, testing
>> that the binaries really work, etc.?
> Yes.  That's what we had the freeze period for.  But we're going to release
> only the sources today (which still lasts 18h in Alaska) and call for packages
> after that.
>> I am just a bit worried that people put out false promises and increased
>> pressure on the release manager, making people believe that they can install
>> QGIS 2.2. Monday morning ...
> The release manager is blocking people from continuing their bug fixing work
> after having blocked them to doing their feature work already.
> Releasing just the sources on the release date will probably just put pressure
> on the packagers to get packages out asap.  But there's no set date when that
> needs to happen.  But Monday is hopefully not far off.
> Jürgen

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