[Qgis-developer] Please tell me how I can speed-up QGIS development on Android

Paolo Cavallini cavallini at faunalia.it
Mon Jul 21 00:02:42 PDT 2014

Il 21/07/2014 08:59, Matthias Kuhn ha scritto:
> Hi Giedrius,
> Nice that there is interest and support for the Android version.
> I have recently updated QGIS for Android to version 2.4. There is an
> updated set of scripts and an updated source code branch available for
> this [1][2]. They may change (and be merged back into the main repo) in
> the future.

Matthias, that's great news!
Are you going to add the installer to Play Store? I think this would greatly speed up
user adoption and feedback.
All the best.

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