[Qgis-developer] Renaming Save Style -> Save Properties (Vector layer dialog)

Zoltan Szecsei zoltans at geograph.co.za
Sat Mar 1 03:16:47 PST 2014

On 2014/03/01 12:38, Nathan Woodrow wrote:
> Hey all,
> I would like to get some opinions on Save, Load, Restore Default 
> Style.. buttons.  Personally I find these labeled wrong for what 
> action they take.  Originally these buttons would only save the 
> information from the Style tab out to a .qml file however now that has 
> evolved to saving other information that is not related to style, 
> things like;:the edit forms; included WMS, excluded WMS, etc.   To me 
> these are more properties of the layer and less about the style so the 
> name is misleading.  Sharing these also becomes hard because if I only 
> want the style part it can also override the label and form settings I 
> have.  Hand editing the XML is the only real option to remove the 
> other settings, which is a pain
> Proposing: Rename from Save, Load Style to Save Properties, Load 
> Properties.
> Motivation:  I would like to add the ability to save just the style 
> information out to a new file type (maybe something like .qstyle) that 
> would just contain the renderer-v2 XML block.  This would allow 
> sharing of just the renderer style and would also give me the ability 
> to expand the Style Manager to allow saving of prebuilt styles e.g I 
> would like to premake a planning scheme style that all ready contains 
> the right values to symbols that I could share and load.     By Mixing 
> non style information in the .qml files means this is not as simple as 
> it could be.
> We could also expand the above logic to only save the label section 
> out to create a label "style" manager.
> Thoughts?
> - Nathan
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Hi All,
Please treat this as "thread enhancing" and not "thread hijacking" :-)

If there are going to be modifications done to styling, please consider 
adding a feature whereby the various styles chosen or experimented with, 
are auto-saved for that mapsheet (perhaps in your project files).
I find when editing, edge-matching or QAing various mapsheets, I want to 
easily switch between styles - I might choose "single symbol" for the 
map I am editing, but "rule-based" for the adjoining maps. Rule based 
choices would change depending on scenarios, so it does not make sense 
to save a rule-based set (I could end up with too many).
So, what I am seeking is the ability to switch between the 5 style 
categories, and not lose the ones I may have set up a few minutes ago. 
If I close QGIS, and come back to the project later, I would like to see 
the last styles I had set up for a mapsheet, still be available when I 
click through the style options.

Hope I'm making myself clear.
Thanks & regards,


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