[Qgis-developer] QEP - Proposal for QGIS 3.0 after 2.14

Nyall Dawson nyall.dawson at gmail.com
Sat Oct 24 03:47:55 PDT 2015

On 24 Oct 2015 19:55, "Paolo Cavallini" <cavallini at faunalia.it> wrote:
> Il 24/10/2015 01:24, Nyall Dawson ha scritto:
> > My concern with this approach would be that we'd need to make sure
> > it's known that major changes aren't acceptable for 2.14. If 2.14 was
> I think this is problematic, as it would mean no new stuff for about one
> year, something unacceptable for many of our customers.

No, that's not correct. Current thinking is 2.14 on schedule with only
minor changes/bug fixes, then 3.0 with api break, etc & major new features
4 months later.

So at most 8 months wait for a major intrusive feature. I think that's


> rememebr that from our poll the need for additional functions emerged
> quite clearly, and (at least to me) unexpectedly.
> > Also in the ideal world we'd have the Qt5/python 3 test builds
> > available asap so that people can start testing/porting plugins. But
> > understandably this isn't an easy task.
> BTW, it would be good if it would be possible to install qgis3-dev along
> with qgis, also on Linux, with a proper non conflicting package, so more
> people could keep on testing not disrupting production environment.
> This will involve also creating a .qgis3 conf, I suppose.
> All the best.
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