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Larry Shaffer larrys at dakotacarto.com
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Here are some other considerations:

Cask's simplicity obfuscates necessary communication. If you look at the
[qgis cask formula](
https://github.com/caskroom/homebrew-cask/blob/master/Casks/qgis.rb) you
will see it automates several installs, **all** of which have very
important README files that the user should read during every

Also, considering William at Kyngchaos.com has bundled the GDAL Complete
frameworks into the application bundle for QGIS 2.12. It makes no sense to
use a third-party installation method of that installer.

I also would not consider installing Homebrew, then adding cask, then
running the install commands (all via command line Terminal sessions)
simpler than downloading a DMG and double-clicking the installer.

All 'official' QGIS installers should be stored on OSGeo resources and
distributed via the QGIS project's web site and be supported by the actual
developers/packagers that created them, not via some third-party middleman
style installation with no obligations or responsibility to the QGIS

Another aspect is trust. The official Mac (and possibly Windows) installers
will soon be code signed with valid certificates. With the cask project,
there is no guarantee or chance to check that the installation is from the
trusted source (other than a internal hash check), as compared to visually
verifying all of this through the standard Apple installer utilities, e.g.
double-clicking and running the .pkg installers, where the entire
certificate trust chain can be reviewed.


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On Sat, Oct 31, 2015 at 4:34 PM, Larry Shaffer <larrys at dakotacarto.com>

> Hi,
> On Fri, Oct 30, 2015 at 5:24 AM, Richard Duivenvoorde <rdmailings at duif.net
> > wrote:
>> Hi Mac users,
>> in this issue
>> https://github.com/qgis/QGIS-Website/issues/281
>> somebody suggests to install qgis via:
>> brew cask install qgis
>> as I'm not into this, I ask Mac users/devs to let me know if it is wise
>> to use this option or not. If you let this know in the issue discussion
>> I can decide how to close that one.
> The cask project is merely a means of automating Mac drag/drop or package
> installers of applications via the *command line*, nothing more. So in this
> instance, the QGIS cask install is a third-party install method (cask) of a
> third-party installer (kyngchaos). It bares no responsibility or obligation
> to the QGIS project or the Kyngchaos.com project, whose installer it
> downloads and installs, nor involves any long standing Mac developers
> associated with the QGIS project.
> I highly recommend avoiding listing such an install method on the QGIS
> website, especially since a user can just get the same installer directly
> from the project-recognized packager, Kyngchaos.com.
> Regards,
> Larry Shaffer
> Dakota Cartography
> Black Hills, South Dakota
> QGIS Support/Development | Boundless <http://boundlessgeo.com/>
>> Regards,
>> Richard Duivenvoorde
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