[Qgis-developer] DB2 Provider for QGIS

David Adler dadler at adtechgeospatial.com
Fri Jan 29 15:00:17 PST 2016

As a novice GitHub user, I didn't realize that clicking on the Pull 
Request button was going to start automated testing of our draft code 
and send out notifications to many people connected with QGIS/Master.  I 
was just hoping to synchronize my fork with QGIS/Master which appears to 
be a completely different and more involved process.

In any case, we are appreciative of all the constructive comments that 
were made so quickly.

A few questions:

It appears that Travis ran again against our fork.  Does it just do this 
continuously once the pull request was initiated?  Or does it recognize 
a new commit/push was done to my fork and fire up again?

How do I find the errors and warnings that are found?  Someone was 
helpful enough to send me a link to them but I didn't see any way to 
find them in the Travis log.

Is there a way to run Travis specifically against our code?  Is there 
documentation about using Travis with QGIS?

It appears that currently the only errors are related to indentation, 
although we wouldn't want the current state of the code to be merged 
into the QGIS master.  Copyright / license needs to be added, improve 
connection authentication, remove excess debug and thorough code review 

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