[Qgis-developer] Google Summer of Code liaison officer

Barry Rowlingson b.rowlingson at lancaster.ac.uk
Thu Apr 6 00:17:27 PDT 2017

Who is the liaison officer for QGIS' GSoC proposals? There was an
email from Margherita Di Leo on the OSGeo-GSoC list about the liaison
officer having to review submitted proposals, but I didn't see anyone
claiming to be the QGIS liaison officer.

There are currently five QGIS proposals in the system, and only one of
them has any mentors signed up at the moment. Projects without two
mentors will automatically fail on April 11th.

I think all projects will fail on April 11th if a QGIS Liaison Officer
hasn't reviewed the proposals.

Sorry if the qgis-dev list isn't the right place to ask this, I
imagined the Liaison Officer would be someone on the developer team.


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