[Qgis-developer] Google Summer of Code liaison officer

Tim Sutton tim at kartoza.com
Thu Apr 6 00:28:58 PDT 2017


I think Alexander Bruy was doing it - it that correct Alex?


> On 06 Apr 2017, at 9:17 AM, Barry Rowlingson <b.rowlingson at lancaster.ac.uk> wrote:
> Who is the liaison officer for QGIS' GSoC proposals? There was an
> email from Margherita Di Leo on the OSGeo-GSoC list about the liaison
> officer having to review submitted proposals, but I didn't see anyone
> claiming to be the QGIS liaison officer.
> There are currently five QGIS proposals in the system, and only one of
> them has any mentors signed up at the moment. Projects without two
> mentors will automatically fail on April 11th.
> I think all projects will fail on April 11th if a QGIS Liaison Officer
> hasn't reviewed the proposals.
> Sorry if the qgis-dev list isn't the right place to ask this, I
> imagined the Liaison Officer would be someone on the developer team.
> Barry
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