[Qgis-developer] Raster to Vector conversion

Sai Harsh Tondomker saiharsh.t13 at iiits.in
Wed Apr 12 22:58:13 PDT 2017

Dear All,
I am Sai Harsh, an UG student in IIIT-Chittoor, India.

I want to convert raster image to vector shape layer. I knew that in
qgis this feature already exists but it's limited.

Let us suppose If one google roadmap image is given as an input, after
converting it into vector shape layer(using the existing conversion), I
would like to highlight one road line(manually using attribute table) but
it's not working. correct me if I am wrong.

Can anyone suggest me how I need to proceed?

I know there should be some image processing algorithm need to be applied,
then followed by converting it into vector layer format.

Which image processing algorithm I need to apply to get good accuracy?

Awaiting for a positive response.

Best Regards,

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