[Qgis-developer] QGEP - right place to raise issues and discuss technical matters ?

kimaidou kimaidou at gmail.com
Fri Apr 21 02:44:17 PDT 2017

Hi Régis,

Thanks for your answer !

2017-04-14 16:16 GMT+02:00 Régis Haubourg <regis.haubourg at gmail.com>:

> Hi Michaël,
> nice to see more people join the water application fest :).
> good question, and we could ask the same for similar projects like QWAT
> and the others ready to launch.
> Your point is that we miss mailing list / IRC or other channels dedicated
> to those projects ?

I had 2 questions in mind ;
* ask for permission to report issues in the QGEP github repository.
* ask if there is a dedicated and open mailing list for QGEP, or if I
should instead use QGIS-dev mailing list to discuss some subject.

I do not want to pollute the github issues with "newbie" questions or
discussions, so I was asking QGEP maintainers their opinion about it.

> My guess is that it is up to each Steering comitee to decide if they want
> to open those channels.

Yep !

> My personal opinion is a big yes, still we need to avoid opening *yet
> another list of channels* when current cluttering is quite high (mails,
> irc, gitter, matrix, git pr and issues, wikis) It's a real challenge for us
> to avoid communication gaps.

I think we could use QGIS dev mailing list to discuss some matter related
to QGEP, but only if there is an impact on QGIS (feature missing, etc.), as
Matthias and other QGEP devs do sometimes.

> Maybe we could discuss that at Essen, will you join?

I won't attend this meeting, but I will be available for any online
interaction ( irc, emails, wiki, webconf, etc.)

> Matthias, Denis, any opinion ?

Same question ;)

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