[QGIS-Developer] GRASS and SAGA providers in 3

Kurt Menke kurt at birdseyeviewgis.com
Sun Aug 20 03:54:17 PDT 2017

Hello everyone,
I have some Q's about these providers in 3. I know the toolbox has been
reorganized by operation instead of provider. I've also noticed that GRASS
and SAGA are no longer providers in the latest nightly release. This came
up during preparation for the State of QGIS talk at FOSS4G with Larry, and
the plan forward was not clear to us. Those algorithms are obviously
heavily used by many QGIS users.

I also just noticed that porting SAGA algs to the new API is being worked
on. I'm assuming that porting these two sets of algs to the new API is
simply not completed yet. Am I right on that?

When enabled, will these algs be placed into the appropriate operation
folder in toolbox?

Will they be enabled by default or will users need to enable those
providers via Settings-->Providers?

Will there be an indication of which provider a tool is from?



Kurt Menke
Bird's Eye View
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