[QGIS-Developer] How to build QGIS 2.99 with 3D?

matteo matteo.ghetta at gmail.com
Tue Dec 5 11:40:25 PST 2017

Hi Harrissou,

> Hi,
> Maybe I miss something but I fail to fully understand the link between
> Matteo needs and your explanation, Patrick. it doesn't look like Matteo has
> issues to build QGIS. He already does it, he compiles from source himself (
> master or any other branch).
> What he wants is simply a way to build QGIS with 3D enabled, thing that by
> default requires an upgraded version of QT (and not available in even known
> and supported distro like Ubuntu 16.04). Unless I misunderstood...

that's exactly the point. I don't have any problem to build QGIS master
(and other versions).
> Btw, which key package is missing in Xenial since january? I also do build
> with Xenial and never felt that i'm missing some key features (except 3D
> but i chose to not upgrade for that - worried to break a working
> environment)
> Matteo, have you seen the link I sent earlier (https://www.lutraconsulting.
> co.uk/blog/2017/08/06/qgis3d-build/)? Looks like there's a way to have two
> versions of qt and build different QGIS depending on what's enabled....

yep I saw the link (actually also when Martin posted it a few months ago
;) ). Ok, then if this is currently the only way to have 3D enabled I'll
try to do that, hoping to not breaking some Qt or other stuff..



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