[QGIS-Developer] Run processing model on selected features only

Andreas Neumann a.neumann at carto.net
Mon Dec 11 06:10:49 PST 2017

Hi Mathieu, 

Thanks for the information. Unfortunately I cannot use "Feature Source"
as an input in my model. 

Matthias told me that I have to use "Vector layer" as an input, because
my model relies on certain features that aren't available on "feature
source" inputs. I need to use refactor fields in a model with
expressions support for relation_aggregates and represent_value (which
requires information on widget configuration).  

Is there any chance this checkbox could also be introduced for "Vector
layer" inputs? Should I open an issue? 


I also find it quite confusing that the inputs come with zero
documentation. I think for probably 99% of the users who are not devs it
isn't obvious when to use which input. Could we introduce a very simple
tooltip that explains with 1 or 2 sentences what the input implies -
esp. for the "Vector layer" vs. "Feature Source" vs. "Layer field" ? 



On 2017-12-11 15:01, Mathieu Pellerin wrote:

> The global use only selected features option is gone (yay) in favor of a checkbox which can be activated on a per-use basis. I believe iterating through selected features only requires a vector source input. 
> On Dec 11, 2017 20:57, "Andreas Neumann" <a.neumann at carto.net> wrote:
>> Hi, 
>> In QGIS master (version 3), with a Vector Layer input, I am failing to find the option to run a processing model only on the selected features. 
>> Can you please help me find the setting? I looked in the "Options" --> "Settings" --> "Processing" or watched out for a checkbox in the "Run model dialog" - but both did not show an option to restrict on selected features only. 
>> Thanks for a hint, 
>> Andreas 
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