[QGIS-Developer] two issues in QGIS (Server and print composer) 2.18.10(?)

Giovanni Manghi giovanni.manghi at gmail.com
Thu Jul 20 09:00:36 PDT 2017

Hi all,

I'm puzzled with two possible issues in QGIS Server 2.18.10 (actually
one of the two is Desktop related) and would like some feedback.

1) any try to print via getprint a layout that contains a text box
(html or not) returns a "Internal Server Error", I have seen this on
QGIS Server installed on Windows but also on my QGIS Server
installation on Ubuntu Desktop. As soon as I switch to 2.14.16 it
works as expected

2) was the option "none" for the "map" option of a legend object in
print composer removed on purpose from 2.18(.10)? I still see it in
2.14.16 and it was *very important* to get "fixed" legends -via
GetPrint- in QGIS Server. If it was removed by design I suppose there
is another way to achieve that in 2.18... some can point me to it? If
the option was just removed and I'm not missing anything then now via
GetPrint is not possible to have layouts printed with "fixed" legends
(the layer name appears, not its symbology class/es).

see the following two examples.

The first is the result of a getprint from a project saved within 2.14
where the legend option "map" was set to "none"


The second is the result of a getprint from a project saved within
2.18 where the legend option "map" was set to "map0" because there is
no "none" option (or within 2.14 setting always the option to "map0")


both requests were made via QGIS Server 2.18 using a project with
several layers but actually only one was added in the request (using
Lizmap demo project here if anyone is interested):


thanks for your feedback


-- G --

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