[QGIS-Developer] Exploring the new node tool: questions and bugs(?)

Giovanni Manghi giovanni.manghi at gmail.com
Thu Jun 8 02:44:08 PDT 2017


>> - Trying to add a vertex on a existing segment, I double-click the segment
>> at the place I'd like the new vertex but nothing seems to happen. And when I
>> move the mouse, there is also a (new) vertex being moved. I fail to simply
>> add the vertex without moving it (it adds it and catches it, I presume). Am
>> I doing something wrong?
> You are not doing anything wrong - this is currently not supported.
> The assumption was that if you are creating a new vertex, you will
> want to immediately place it somewhere as well. It would not be
> difficult to add support for a keyboard modifier (shift/ctrl) which
> would keep the new vertex at the original line segment. Just
> wondering, what is the use case to keep the vertex in the original
> position?

nodes may be used to represent some kind of feature along  line or a
perimeter (eventually to be later extracted as points).

One other use is about changing the shape of the border of two
adjacent parcels: in old node tool you double click and add a node (on
both segments of th two adjacent parcels), then if editing in
"topology" mode you could grab this new node (really two) and move
them to change the shape of the shared borders. But this operation is
often did at a later time, not immediately after adding the new node.
Maybe this is still possible in the new node tool, not tested yet.


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