[QGIS-Developer] [Qgis-developer] Adding default OSM backround maps

Paolo Cavallini cavallini at faunalia.it
Wed Jun 21 00:18:50 PDT 2017

Il 21/06/2017 07:59, Richard Duivenvoorde ha scritto:

> It is a LOT of work, both styling and running an open server hosting
> world data in a custom style. You need also quite a lot
> cpu/disk/connection resources for it to perform well.
> So somebody needs to put time/resources in it, AND take responsibility
> to keep it run smoothly...
> So I would stick with OSM tiles for now (or some other local/open tile
> servers), and maybe start yourself with the styling/hosting of a smaller
> part of the world, share that map and see if that makes people eager to
> see more :-)

what I would like to have is some default server already present in
QGIS. There is some work to do also for this, but much less, and it's
sustainable over time.
Anyone willing to help?
All the best.

Paolo Cavallini - www.faunalia.eu
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