[QGIS-Developer] Expression Functions: Where are they used in QGIS Desktop? Which ones won't work "outside"?

Andreas Neumann a.neumann at carto.net
Sun May 7 12:51:57 PDT 2017

Hi Stefan,

Expressions also work in QGIS cloud (which is QGIS server based) - but 
Python based expressions don't work in QGIS server.

I have to say, however, that the QGIS core expressions are already quite 
powerful and I don't often have the need to create my own custom Python 
based expressions. I just recently had to use them - but that is the 
fist time after many years ;-)

What is your reason that you have to use Python based expression as 
opposed to the core built-in expressions?


On 07.05.2017 17:01, Stefan Keller wrote:
> Hi,
> Tomorrow I'll be giving a Workshop about "Easy Programming QGIS with
> Python for custom Expression Functions (EFns)" [1].
> Question 1: Below you'll find an initial list I compiled where EFns
> are used in QGIS Desktop. => Did I miss an occurrence?
> Question 2: I tried to make a categorization for several reasons. One
> reason for this is to realize that a EFn may not work outside QGIS
> Desktop. Style-related EFns for example won't work currently in
> qgis2web or QGISCloud. => Any comments?
> :Stefan
> [1] https://2017.geopython.net/#schedule
> List where EFns are used in QGIS (probably incomplete):
> "Server-side" / data-related:
> * "Select features using an expression" (Layer property).
> * "Filtering features" while loading from source. Switch to the form
> view in the attribute table (button on bottom right corner) > click on
> 'Show All Features' (bottom left) and select 'Advanced Filter
> (Expression)'.
> * "Layer > Properties > Tab Fields" in Button "Text Edit" in Default-
> and in Constraints-Field.
> * "Layer > Properties > Tab Style" in "Label with".
> * "Field Calculator" to defining new or virtual fields (Layer property).
> * "Conditional formatting" in the attribute table (Create a new rule
> and set the condition to the output of a custom EFn).
> Analysis-related:
> * "Statistical Summary" Panel (Layer property).
> * "Atlas Generation" in the Print Composer. Project > Print Composer >
> Check 'generate an atlas' > Set CEF based values for page name, filter
> and output filename.
> "Client-side" / style-related:
> * "Map Tip" tool (Layer property).
> * "Rule based labeling". Layer Properties > Labels > Select Rule based
> labeling from the drop-down menu > Click on the '+' button and add a
> CEF based filter (... button).
> * Part of "Geometry generator" in "Style > Symbol Layer Type"
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