[QGIS-Developer] OTB 6 and Processing

Paolo Cavallini cavallini at faunalia.it
Mon May 15 09:04:46 PDT 2017

Hi Alex,

Il 15/05/2017 13:19, Alexander Bruy ha scritto:

> I suggest not to rush with releasing and publishing any of the plugins.
> Please don't forget that QGIS 2.14, 2.16 and 2.18 still have all providers
> built in. For master I personally don't see any benefits in releasing
> Processing providers right now. These plugins will be broken most of the
> time as Processing suffers from major refactoring, QGIS API also is not
> stablized yet.
> As Victor said, if someone wants to take ownership on R provider, I wlll be
> happy to move it. Otherwise I will try to do my best to keep it working.

thanks for this. I understand it may still be early for coding, unless
people @OTB have plans to support OTB6 also on 2.18 (if this is not too
complicated). I think it would however be good to start with the basics:
creating the repo/transferring owneship, etc.
In this way the work can start soon after the API have reasonably
stabilized (I imagine around June or July).
All the best.
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