[QGIS-Developer] [Qgis-user] Split features tool behavior

James Wood jwood911 at gmail.com
Sun May 28 05:43:02 PDT 2017

Hey Andreas,
On the digitizing toolbar, try "Split Parts" instead of "Split Features" on multipart polygons. 

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> On May 22, 2017, at 06:49, Andreas Wicht <a.wicht at gmail.com> wrote:
> Hi all,
> I have a question regarding the behavior of the "split features" tool
> when it comes to multipart polygons.
> For that I created a small example (see split_features_1.png).
> The polygon "1" is a multipart polygon as shown in the screenshot.
> Let's say a user wants to split the lower polygon into two in order to
> merge one part to the polygon "3" (here the workaround would be the
> usage of the reshape features tool) or to create an entirely new
> feature. (see split_features_2.png).
> The expected result would be a the separated polygon (here on the
> right) and the rest of the polygon including the part on the top. 1
> Multipart Polygon and 1 Polygon.
> The QGIS result is three separate Polygons. This behavior can be
> dangerous when editing complex layers.
> If furthermore attributes are being changed and aggregations happen
> potential errors or unexpected results for a user are imminent.
> Other GIS produce the expected output of 1 Multipart Polygon and 1 Polygon.
> What is the specific intention behind this behavior as it seems not
> quite intuitive?
> Cheers
> <split_features_1.png>
> <split_features_2.png>
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