[QGIS-Developer] Building QGIS 2.18 on OSX

Helton Costa heltucosta at hotmail.com
Mon May 29 07:33:55 PDT 2017

Hi everybody,

This is my first post here and I hope there's not already a post related to this, even thought I searched through the list a little.

I have been trying to build QGIS 2.18 for about 3 weeks following a few step by steps I found but none of them gave me success. I'm on OSX 10.12.
I first followed the official step by step from QGIS, and then, other ones using homebrew, but wasn't able to finish the build for the intended version.
I do believe I have a polluted OS and libraries, but I invested around 6 hours cleaning it and my environments to try it all again, and still, no success.

Mainly, I believe my issue is regarding Qt4, which is already deprecated and I'm not able to install it properly. I already tried the .dmg from official's qt website (which crashes) and some cartr and osgeo formulaes from homebrew and still no success.
Somewhere along the configuration and build process I get errors regarding Qt4 or some of their python bindings libraries and even thought I did manage to fix some of them, the build was never able to finish.

Do you guys believe it is still possible to build non-master versions of QGIS on OSX, and if so, what would be some kind of different approach in order to be able to achieve it?

Kind regards,

Helton Costa

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