[QGIS-Developer] Build error: output/bin/crssync: Permission denied

tao uponmyword at sina.com
Thu Aug 9 00:47:03 PDT 2018

I found pre-compiled qgis-2.18.17 had a problem under OpenBSD 6.3 mentioned
in following thread 

So I have to build QGIS myself. 
Some problems were encountered, but I succeeded to fix them. 

However, I can not figure out the following errors: 

[ 35%] Built target gpxprovider 
Scanning dependencies of target synccrsdb 
/bin/sh: ../../output/bin/crssync: Permission denied 
*** Error 1 in . (src/crssync/CMakeFiles/synccrsdb.dir/build.make:57
'src/crssync/CMakeFiles/synccrsdb': cd /home/tao/Software/qgis/build-2....) 
*** Error 2 in . (CMakeFiles/Makefile2:2732
*** Error 2 in /home/tao/Software/qgis/build-2.18.22 (Makefile:163 'all') 

I totally did this under user mode, and permission right is okay like: 

tao$ ./crssync                                                                 
ksh: ./crssync: Permission denied 
tao$ ls -l ./crssync                                                           
-rwxr-xr-x  1 tao  tao  23149 Aug  9 14:18 ./crssync 

This really beat me. 

Anyone can help? 
Thanks a lot!

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