[QGIS-Developer] QGIS Portable installation for Windows

Idan Miara idan at miara.com
Mon Aug 20 08:44:45 PDT 2018


Is there a way to make a portable version of QGIS3 ? i.e. unzip and run?
or for instance to install it on a network drive so other users on the
network could use it without installing?

When I copied QGIS folder (under program files) from one PC to another it
worked only if the path was the same, but I'm not sure if it worked because
I had some other prerequisite preinstalled on that PC.

When I tried to rename the QGIS3 folder and run QGIS I got the error
"could not load qgis_app.dll".

Thus I guess that the installation does something else beside extracting
and creating shortcuts, could you specify what does the setup do besides
that? I tried to look for some clues on verbose messages that the setup
prints, but I could only find "Extracting", "Create folder", "Output
Does it install prerequisites? compile something specific for my CPU?
Change batch files?

Please advise,
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