[QGIS-Developer] [Qgis-developer] OTB and LiDAR tools as separate plugins

Luigi Pirelli luipir at gmail.com
Thu Aug 23 05:25:51 PDT 2018

you can add a simple plugin hosted in the official repo to add your custon
plugin repo or a plugin that simplify installation. I agree with that who
assume that offial repo have to host plugin with code compatible with GPL2.
A plugin that install a plugin can simply override this limitation without
affecting licences.

I'm of that person is using point cloud data and avoided to use LAStool
because it's not FOSS, but please believe me, I know and I thrust you, I
like the limitation of your license, but simply I prefer to support PDAL or
PCL because development model is simpler and allow me to contribute is a
simple way and I prefer to invest in a project with an ecosystem of
multiple contributors.

Luigi Pirelli

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On Thu, 23 Aug 2018 at 12:06, Martin Isenburg <martin.isenburg at gmail.com>

> Hello Alex,
> all the python code is pretty much written. Victor even did some kind of
> port already.
> https://github.com/volaya/qgis-lidartools-plugin
> But I am struggling with how to add this code as a plugin such it can be
> searched for. Maybe I should provide it as a zip package ("Install from
> ZIP") rather than make it a plugin that can be queried from QGIS. I have
> heard that some people are not happy with the LAStools binding scripts
> being hosted on the official QGIS site as LAStools is not entirely open
> source. The initial attempt of bundling the binaries with the scripts as
> you can find it here:
> https://github.com/volaya/qgis-lidartools-plugin/tree/master/lidartools/bin/lastools
> will also need to change back to how it used to be ("setup the PATH to the
> LAStools and - if needed to Wine") as the binaries of LAStools change too
> often to have them inside the processing python bindings which almost never
> change.
> I was looking for documentation on how to prepare such an external plugin
> so users can load it into QGIS - either online or as a ZIP.
> Martin
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