[QGIS-Developer] wfs response paging

Clayton Steneroden claytonsteneroden at planitgeo.com
Tue May 1 09:56:00 PDT 2018

I am testing a wfs (in development) against qgis and wanting to know if
anyone can cue me in as to whether response paging should just work (qgis
v3, wfs v2) when you add a layer exceeding the initial points loaded, or if
you need other techniques to load all features from a wfs into qgis as a
layer.  I see posts over past years on earlier versions that say response
paging does not work in QGIS, one should instead change settings so the
layer loads new points based on the bbox, things like that.

I've done a pretty good job i think of searching documentation, and even
developer posts on the repos so far, so if anyone can describe how qgis
will load a wfs layer with paging and under what circumstances I would
apprecitate it.  (next stop is the code of course.)

Thank you
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