[QGIS-Developer] Simple KML Importer

C Hamilton adenaculture at gmail.com
Tue May 8 12:22:58 PDT 2018

We have had issues with importing KMLs into QGIS. The situation is that if
there are many folders in a KML, QGIS imports each as a layer and is very
slow at importing or crashes during the import if there happens to be
hundreds of layers. This also happens using ArcGIS. I am assuming that both
use GDAL and in some respects GDAL tries to do too much. Consequently, I
wrote a simple KML plugin to import KML/KMZ files in the way we wanted them.

I am assuming that if we have had issues others have had them as well.
Would you like this plugin uploaded to the official repo?

The biggest difference is that rather than create multiple layers for each
folder of KMLs, I create one point layer, one line layer and one polygon
layer if required. I add an additional field that contains the folder
structure for each feature.

Let me know if you think if this plugin should go into the QGIS plugin
repo. I would be happy to share it. Here is the plugin repo. I am
converting for QGIS 3 as well. Right now it is just for QGIS 2.x.



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