[QGIS-Developer] provide an exe with a plugin

PALMIER Patrick (Responsable de groupe) - CEREMA/DTerNP/DATHa/MT Patrick.Palmier at cerema.fr
Mon Oct 8 00:18:45 PDT 2018


I've developped a Qgis plugin called "networks" as an algorithm provider 
(github page https://github.com/crocovert/networks) which provide 
several algorithm for network management and the generation input files 
for a multimodal routing tool call Musliw I've previously developped

This tool Musliw (open source) was developped in C# with monodevelop.It 
runs on windows adn linux (with mono runtime). The source code is 
located in my github page (https://github.com/crocovert/muslic)

Is it acceptable to provide this binary file (muslic.exe) with the 
plugin and should I only provide python algorithms scripts

Thank you for your answers

Patrick Palmier
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