[QGIS-Developer] restricting layers to be added to legend to those turned on in the selected map theme

rjwillson at gmail.com rjwillson at gmail.com
Mon Oct 22 11:15:17 PDT 2018


in QGIS 2.18 when you had selected for your layout to "follow visibility
preset" and then went to "Add layer to legend" your list of layers would be
restricted to the subset of layers that were turned on for the preset (now
called map theme).

This does not happen in Q3.2 or the latest Q developmental version where
instead all of the layers in the project are listed.

I love the new search dialogue built into the developmental version so that
you can quickly search for your layer to add to the legend; however, it is
still much quicker to add the relevant layers to your legend by restricting
the layers shown in the selection dialogue to those turned on in the map
theme selected to be followed (i.e., checkbox for follow map theme
selected). Usually I have lots of layers in the project that are not turned
on so it can be hard to remember what the layers are called later when I get
around to creating the legend

Possibly this change in behaviour was introduced by design or necessitated
by some other limitation so may not even be possible to retain?





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