[QGIS-Developer] categorize using postgis hstore

wambacher at posteo.de wambacher at posteo.de
Wed Jan 9 09:46:41 PST 2019


i'm using QGIS 3.4 on ubuntu and want to categorize some data using hstore.

i was told (*) to use *map_get(hstore_to_map("tags"),'entrance')*, but
that does not work (for me). the result is ony one category for all nodes.


select osm_id,tags->'entrance' "tags->'entrance'"
  from planet_osm_point
 where tags ? 'entrance'
 limit 10;
   osm_id   | tags->'entrance'
 3812284860 | main
 2312180146 | yes
 2773679231 | yes
  339015388 | main
  561073309 | service
  367081276 | main
  339015386 | yes
 1783531793 | main
 1783531816 | main
  367081281 | main
(10 Zeilen)

Zeit: 3,194 ms

any idea what's going wrong?




image: https://wambachers-osm.website/images/osm/snaps_2018/categorize.png

btw: posted this question on qgis-user and FOSSGIS-talk during the last
2 weeks but did not get any answer :(

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