[QGIS-Developer] Proposal for QGIS Documentation

Havard Tveite havard.tveite at nmbu.no
Mon Jan 14 07:23:06 PST 2019

On 11. jan. 2019 09:11, Paolo Cavallini wrote:
> Hi all,
> On 10/01/19 19:25, matteo wrote:
>> What I want to propose is a system similar to the coding one: a kind of
>> stale bot that closes PR automatically after a while. Actually I'd like
>> to go a step further: if the PR is made by a person with writing rights
>> than the PR is automatically merged (if the Travis is happy) while if
>> the person has not commit rights, then the PR is closed automatically to
>> prevent really ugly docs (not sure if this is achievable).
> I agree in accepting PRs, either automatically or manually, after a
> reasonable delay. A week seems OK for me.
> All the best.

It could be nice to have some pull requests hanging around for
a longer time.

Currently there are two documentation pull request that target
version 3.6.  They should be kept on hold until 3.4 (LTR) is
branched out.
So an automatic job should consider the milestone.

Merging should also be delayed while the pull request is being
discussed, so with a one week (or other) rule, the "timer"
should be restarted when there is input.


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