[QGIS-Developer] Proposal for QGIS Documentation

Matteo Ghetta matteo.ghetta at faunalia.eu
Tue Jan 15 03:29:52 PST 2019


thanks for the feedback

> It could be nice to have some pull requests hanging around for
> a longer time.

of course when needed :)

> Currently there are two documentation pull request that target
> version 3.6.  They should be kept on hold until 3.4 (LTR) is
> branched out.
> So an automatic job should consider the milestone.

don't know (yet) the technical stuff behind that, but yes

> Merging should also be delayed while the pull request is being
> discussed, so with a one week (or other) rule, the "timer"
> should be restarted when there is input.

If for some reasons we want to keep a PR open we can just write a "ping"
comment to have some activity rather that a stale

So to make a brief summary:

* automatic merging if the PR author has write rights on the repo
* merging should consider milestone
* not merging if some activity?

other comments?



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