[QGIS-Developer] documentation rules (was [qgis/QGIS-Enhancement-Proposals] Translation of .qgs project files (#90))

matteo matteo.ghetta at gmail.com
Wed Jan 16 23:39:39 PST 2019

Hi Nyall,

> So again, I'm +1 to the policy, but only if it's enforced
> automatically on Travis by an appropriate meta unit test.

yep! we should find a way to make life easier for both teams without
loosing quality and features

> I think we could do this by some rules like:
> - if a commit message has [feature] or [needs-docs], then the body of
> the message must contain at least 200(?) characters OR contain a link
> to a PR on the documentation repo (detected via regex)
> - feature commits must also contain a link to an image/video/blogpost
> illustrating the feature (the test would just check to ensure that
> there's at least one http(s):// link in the commit body). We can add a
> specific [no-pic] tag for features which explicitly DON'T need a
> picture (e.g. API feature additions, server specific features which
> don't have any user-facing UI changes)

That's seems a good strategy. Details can came up later but I really
like this approach



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