[QGIS-Developer] Copyright in a plugin?or idea?

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Hi, all

Recently I found out about this plugin
https://github.com/qgist/toolbargenerator, which was presented in the
FOSS4G 2019 Bucharest. What surprised me is that this plugin has EXACTLY
the same functionality as mine, implemented for QGIS 3
https://github.com/All4Gis/CustomToolBar , which I developed without any

Not only it does the same but also it has the same limitations as mine
(like i18n problems).

The main difference lies on the fact that it stores the tools depending on
the user profile (which in my plugin implies modifying 2 -and only 2-

I don’t mind if the code is better written or not, but the original idea is
mine (moreover, it is completely functional in QGIS3) and I developed it
four years ago.

Four years ago I experienced the same situation with “QGIS themes”, which I
developed and then, a core developer (Nathan) implemented a plugin and
integrated it in the QGIS core. I wrote to him and he changed his entry
indicating that this idea already existed (
https://nathanw.net/2015/08/13/qgis-ui-themes-plugin/). I found it
satisfactory, because this functionality had been already developed by
another developer.

I think that who had the original idea should be taken into account. We are
in an Open Source world, where I sometimes have the impression that
“anything goes”. However, if an idea already exists, the original author
should be taken into account or at least, the original author should be
cited in a visible place.

Here you can find my discussion with the other author:

I think that these situations discourage people to collaborate in QGIS and
in the open source, in general, if the original idea and the developer work
are not valued.


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