[QGIS-Developer] New plugin: Review / Procedure

Richard Marsden winwaed at gmail.com
Fri Oct 4 19:36:24 PDT 2019

I'm currently working on my first plugin and intend to eventually
submit it to the official repository.

It would be good to have some people review it - testing and/or
looking at the code before it gets a wider audience.

Should I simply submit as say, v0.1, mark it experimental, and perhaps
add some notes considering its early state.  Or should I put it on
Github (where it will also probably end up anyway) and announce it
here?  Or an alternative?

The plugin is called OSMImporter and is intended to import layer(s) of
features types from OpenStreetMap data. The original use case was to
import a single Administration Boundary level (e.g. US counties) into
a multipolygon layer; but there are also options for railways, water;
buildings. Roads, POIs, and Land-Use are still to be implemented - and
more can be easily added.

Yes I know someone with moderate GIS experience would not have any
difficulty importing and separating this kind of data in QGIS, however
a significant number of my previous MapPoint customers would
definitely have trouble doing this.  This is the first step in a
larger plan to create plugin(s) to emulate some MapPoint functionality
in QGIS - and potentially opening up a new market of low budget
business map users. The easy import of admin boundary shapes is an
initial step before starting on a Territory Manager. MapPoint's
Territory Manager was a potentially good idea but had some serious
If anyone is interested in such a project or would find a use for one,
then let me know. I'm sure we could work together!


Richard Marsden

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