[QGIS-Developer] "Needs sponsor" label? (again) → "Start a bounty"

Jorge Gustavo Rocha jgr at di.uminho.pt
Sat Oct 5 08:38:33 PDT 2019


I really like gis.stackexchange bounty mechanism [1]. Issues could have
a "start a bounty" button, exactly like the gis.stackechange. Users
could allocate any amount between 50 and 500 bounty points, in 50-point
increments. Any user (other than the one reporting the issue) can ass
bounty points.

How they get bounty-points? Donations to QGIS (managed by PSC) awards
bounty-points to that user/company/community. An 1.000,00 € donation
would award 1000 bounty-points. They can invest the bounty points to
solve issues.

Developer(s)/ able to solve the issue would be refunded (in real money)
according to the number of bounty point.

This wouldn't be difficult to implement, I think. The mechanism is
really transparent, for users and for developers.


Jorge Gustavo

[1] https://gis.stackexchange.com/help/bounty

Às 08:28 de 05/10/19, Matthias Kuhn escreveu:
> Hi everyone
> On 10/5/19 7:02 AM, Paolo Cavallini wrote:
>>> My original thinking was that we would use this tag for tickets which
>>> require extensive development (e.g. weeks of development), and
>>> accordingly are extremely unlikely to happen on a solely volunteer
>>> basis.
>> this makes sense. Perhaps better advertizing one of these tickets as
>> soon as one dev is interested and available to fix it?
> I think there is still a missing link from an issue to how to proceed if
> one wants to have it resolved.
> For an average visitor it might appear as "It has been registered in the
> tracker, it will eventually be resolved", presumably by pure magic ;)
> What would be good is instructions on the possibilities to get things
> done well visible there. Something like a "Help us fix this issue"
> button just next to the issue discussion.
> Matthias
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