[QGIS-Developer] Making QgsRasterLayerProperties class independent again from QgisApp instance

Peter Petrik peter.petrik at lutraconsulting.co.uk
Mon Oct 7 23:21:31 PDT 2019

Hi Vincent,

we are now in the feature freeze period, so I am not sure if this change
would not fall to QGIS 3.12 life cycle beginning at the end of October. We
are kind of busy at the moment doing bugfixes and pre-release changes.
Hopefully after the release is sorted there would be more drive for review
and merge of such infrastructure changes.


On Tue, Oct 8, 2019 at 7:13 AM Paolo Cavallini <cavallini at faunalia.it>

> Hi all,
> On 07/10/19 22:05, Vincent Cloarec wrote:
> ...
> > The purposed PR permits to use this class through the GUI library. This
> > is cleaner and less tricky than using it from the App library. I think
> > it is a good thing for stand-alone applications devs.
> >
> > I don't know if there is a lot of devs who are developing stand-alone
> > applications. So maybe there is no advantage to accept my PR, and I will
> > understand it could not be accepted.
> >
> > But, today,  I need to know if I can count on this PR will be accepted,
> > or if I have to think about another solution to continue to use the
> > QgsRasterLayerProperties.
> >
> > If someone has an idea about this?
> this seems reasonable to me, as generally keeping the GUI separated is a
> good practice.
> Anyone sees a problem here?
> Cheers.
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