[QGIS-Developer] Features & doc issues

Alexis R.L. alroyliz0 at gmail.com
Sun Oct 20 06:10:08 PDT 2019

Greetings Everyone,

I wanted to raise an idea for exchange.

Considering the fact that documentation and other doc related things seem
to be an issue and since the Documentation repo has hooks into the QGIS
repo I thought that it might be possible to improve the situation a bit.

A good minor step might be to have the doc also add the name of the
contributor in the generated issue, to help the creator remember to write
some documentation.

But I think that a better way would be to build upon the existing sections
of the PR template.

Something like a Documentation and Short description section. The short
description would be used in the logs and the Documentation section would
be used in the docs, or at least as a base.

I assume that this was the initial intent of the description section but I
feel like the description section should be more used for technical
details to explain the PR to other devs and reviewers.

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