[QGIS-Developer] QGIS projects - can they be licensed and/or copyrighted ?

Bo Victor Thomsen bo.victor.thomsen at gmail.com
Wed Oct 30 04:31:45 PDT 2019

Hi list -

During a university lecture about QGIS and licensing (GPL) I got a 
question about QGIS projects.

Can a project be copyrighted or licensed differently from QGIS ? We are 
not talking about plugins - they are always under the same license af 
QGIS, namely GPL.

But what about the QGIS projects ? Same license or copyrigt af QGIS 
itself. Or what ??

Med venlig hilsen / Kind regards

Bo Victor Thomsen

Den 30-10-2019 kl. 08:11 skrev Raymond Nijssen:
> On 30-10-19 07:11, Tim Sutton wrote:
>> http://changelog.qgis.org/en/qgis/version/3.10/#improved-svg-layered-exports 
>> Improved SVG layered exports - any more hints on this & how we can 
>> show it visually (if at all)?
> Hi Tim,
> A few weeks ago I accidentally hit this one (I think). Before, the 
> layers in an exported svg file were called "layer 1", "layer 2", etc 
> and now they contain the name of a layer.
> This is making a customer of mine very happy, cause she uses the 
> export in Illustrator.
> Regards,
> Raymond
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