[QGIS-Developer] Please help with the changelog for 3.12

Totò pigrecoinfinito at gmail.com
Mon Mar 2 01:53:19 PST 2020

Goodmorning everyone,
I'm sorry I didn't follow the official mode, but I didn't find any trace of
it in the thread.

I read that there was a need to help and I did it the way you know.

I will have made a mistake, I will have been rushed, but I did not think
that my work could be considered as a "non-collaboration with you".

I thank you for what you do and I will continue to collaborate.

Thanks Paolo for your interest, you are the only one who has considered my
work even if it is useless in the eyes of others.

I made the changelog in three days as it does not seem fair to me that QGIS
3.12 comes out without changelog.
Many friends ask me: what's new with 3.12 ??
what do I answer ??
I preferred to scratch the data and make the changelog.

Thank you all, I respect you very much for all the work you do.

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