[QGIS-Developer] Confusion around 2 ways of importing/exporting CAD data

Andreas Neumann a.neumann at carto.net
Mon Mar 2 04:57:45 PST 2020


In QGIS we have 2 ways of importing and exporting CAD data:

1. Through QGIS native, using a modified version of libdxfrw: Menu 
"Project" --> "Import/Export" and "Export Project to DXF" or "Import 
Layers from DWG/DXF"

2. Through OGR: If you right-click and "Save As" for Export or "Load 
Vector Layer" or drag and drop into QGIS

Now, most users aren't aware of these two methods. While the first 
option generally gives better results, people tend to use the second 
method more often, as this is how they treat other data format.

I think this situation is not ideal and Giovanni has to deal a lot with 
such issues, where people try the second option and run into issues or 
are disappointed, because styling/labeling/blocks are not treated well.

Any idea how we can solve this? Can we disable OGR import (the second 
method) and re-route the "Save As" way to our nativ export?

Thanks if you have any ideas how to improve the situation.


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